October 2019

Please ensure that your club is insured for this season as your club could be liable for any Third Party claims against it. Full details on the Home Menu under 'About'.

October 2019

Brookfield BC has withdrawn its Mens team from the League.

September 2019

All PHBA clubs have been asked if they would wish to enter their club in a (new) inter-club tournament.
If enough clubs/teams apply then the tournament would be held on Saturday 30th May 2020 from 11:00 to 15:00 at Highbury College Sports Centre. £20 entry fee per team.
The tournament would be run as a handicapped doubles event in a league format.
Each club team is handicapped according to their previous season's league placing.
Each club may enter either one or two teams; four players per team.
Teams can consist of any mix of men and ladies, if a club has lady members.
All players must be registered with PHBA.
One game for each pair against the two opposition pairs, per match.
Each team will play all the other teams from all the other clubs.
There will be a trophy for the winning team.

August 2019

See: 'About' in the home menu for new details on the PHBA clubs' insurance (SEASON 2019/20).

July 2019

Jan + Andy Cheeseman of Shot Choice have asked me to inform all current PHBA Clubs and Committee Officers of the following change:

Since the break-up of Portsmouth College Badminton Association as a club at the end of last season its name, hall, administration etc will be taken on by the administrators of Shot Choice.
Shot Choice has been shut down as a club but will be resurrected and playing as Portsmouth College (full new name to be verified) at Portsmouth College in Tangier Road in the league next season.

If you have any questions please contact Jan or Andy directly.

April 2019

The Mixed Doubles [handicapped] tournament was won by Lauren Thomas & Aaron Geall from PCBA.

March 2019

The Ladies Doubles [handicapped] tournament was won by Wendy Manchip from Cowplain and Kay Richards from Southsea.
The Mens Singles [handicapped] tournament was won by Dave Colewell from Southsea.

February 2019

The Mens Doubles [handicapped] tournament was won by Scott Shand & Clement Xiang from Gosport & Notorious.

January 2019

The first tournament of the season ['Mixed' Mixed Levels] was won by Amanda Foster from Shot Choice & Peter Proud from Cowplain.
The four top-placed players represented each of the four clubs who entered players.

November 2018

PHBA Club Insurance (Update required by Club Secretaries)

The information below was sent as an email to all 12 Club Secretaries on 15th November @ 13:22.

"A couple of clubs have come back to me saying that Insure4Sport have asked for more details from you regarding the change of details on the PHBA Clubs' <Certificate Of Insurance>. We were originally told that they only required the Club Secretary's 'Name' and 'Address'. It is probable that the company is treating any change of a Policy in general terms so the best thing to do when you call is ask for KAYLEIGH. She is fully aware of our details as she is dealing with our case and has the authorisation from our PHBA Treasurer to action any details for us.
Details you may need (on the Certificate, on the PHBA website):
# The <Certificate Of Insurance> runs from 08 Oct 2018 to 07 Oct 2019.
# The Public Liability is £2m and the Professional Indemnity is £1m.
# Signed on behalf of the underwriters: John Woosey.
The Policy is currently in your club's name; it will be amended to be in your Club Secretary's name on the insurer's system. This is a requirement from the underwriters. The Policy on the PHBA website will remain in your club's name.
Let me know if you have further problems, however if you talk to Kayleigh she should not require any more information from you. Thank you."
Andrew Wright. [PHBA Secretary]

November 2018

Portsmouth College Mens 2nd Team withdraw from the Mens League Division One.

October 2018

Portsmouth College Ladies withdraw from the Ladies League.

To give the other three teams in the league sufficient matches during the season the PHBA Committee has decided that PORTSMOUTH, SHOT CHOICE and SOUTHSEA can play each other 4 times (2 home matches, 2 away matches) thus giving the ladies 8 matches instead of the original 4 matches.


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