2017/2018: New scoring system

Please note the correct terminology as adopted by PHBA from Badminton England.
21 points = a game.
Best of 3 games = a rubber, or set.
A total of 4 rubbers/sets = a match.

The PHBA Committee voted to alter the scoring system on a trial basis for the 2017/2018 season.
Instead of the previous '1 point per rubber/set won' system, with a maximum of 4 points available in each of the formats [Ladies, Mens, Mixed], we have decided to award '1 point per game won' within each rubber/set.
This enables teams to score points even if they lose the match 4 rubbers/sets to 0. There are a maximum of 12 points and a minimum of 8 points to be won per match. Either team can attain anything from 8 points maximum (if they win all of their games) down to a minimum of 0 points, if they do not win any games.

Team A~~~2~~~~0~~~2~~~~0~~~~(2 + 2 = 4)
Team B~~~1~~~~2~~~1~~~~2~~~~(1 + 2 + 1 + 2 = 6)

What previously would have been a 2-all draw with 2 points awarded to each team now results in a 6 points to 4 win for Team B.

Your Secretaries/Fixtures Secretaries were given copies of a 'reference' scorecard at the 2017 AGM demonstrating how the system works.


2017/2018: Promotion & Relegation

There will be a change this season in the Mens divisions.
Instead of 2 up and 2 down as in previous seasons, the top team from each of Division 2 and Division 3 will be promoted automatically. The bottom team from each of Division 1 and Division 2 will be relegated automatically. The runner-up in each of Division 2 and Division 3 has the option to challenge the 2nd-bottom team from the division above them. This would be a one-off match held at the challenging team's venue. They would provide and pay for both the courts and the shuttles. If the challenged team fails to accept the challenge then they will be relegated automatically. The runner-up in each division does not have to use its option to challenge. They would then remain in their current division.

Please contact the League Secretary (John May) within a week of the end of the season if you wish to use your option to challenge.